QuickBooks error 30159 and its solution

QuickBooks error 30159 is encountered when the user is trying to update QuickBooks payroll or is working on his company’s Payroll. There can be many damages that can affect your company data due to this error. Hit CTRL+K on your keyboard to know the status of your Payroll with your QuickBooks. If EIN status is deactivated, then please contact QuickBooks payroll support for reactivation of your EIN. Therefore there are other ways that can cause QuickBooks error c0de 30159.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 30159

  • QuickBooks is not installed properly
  • EIN Status is not active
  • Windows reg files are corrupted
  • Windows is not updated
  • QuickBooks payroll is not updated
  • QuickBooks company file is corrupted or damaged
QuickBooks error 30159 and its solution

The solution for QuickBooks error code 30159

It runs QuickBooks as an administrator.
You reinstall your QuickBooks.
Repair your QuickBooks.
And repair your company’s file using QuickBooks File Doctor.
Update your QuickBooks payroll.
Then run a Windows scan to check for damaged files that are causing problems for QuickBooks to update properly.

Contact QuickBooks Payroll support to get instant support for QuickBooks error code 30159

How to solve QuickBooks error code 30159?

There can be more than one solution to the QuickBooks error 30159. In this article, we will be discussing a few of the most effective solutions and the steps to follow. Let us check out the solutions one by one:

1step: Update Your Computer System Manually.

You switch the user of your computer system.
And sign in as an administrator.
After that, you go to the System Restore option by typing the name of the entire program on your search box.
Choose the option that says – Restore my computer to the first/previous time and click on it.
Then you click on the Next button and wait until you see a confirmation window.
And reboot your system and you will not see this issue anymore.

2step: Add Employer Identification Number (EIN) to the company file.

After that, you should first log into your QuickBooks.
Then turn on your accounting software and go straight to the payroll option.
And look for ‘Use my current payroll service’ and click on it immediately.
You will see a new window on your computer screen called ‘Account Maintenance’.
Without thinking too much, just add the file there and click the button.
Now, spot the radio button placed next to the EIN number.
Check whether the radio key is enabled or disabled.
If it is disabled, you have entered the correct employer identification number.
Then, after clicking Next, close the window.
After that, you evaluate all the information and return to the normal QB window.

3step: Scan your Tool for Issues.

You must install the QuickBooks Payroll Error utility on your system.
Then after completing your installation, click on the scan button.
You will decide an option, known as fixing QB errors, press it, and start scanning.
Then wait until the Till Scanning is complete ‘message appears and then reboot your system.

4step: Carry out Disk Cleanup.

You should install a disk cleanup program on your system.
Then the tool will clean all unwanted files along with QuickBooks payroll error 30159.
And restart the computer and check the software for any problems.

5step: Perform a disk cleanup in Windows
First, delete the temporary files:
After that press, your start button and type disk cleanup and press enter key on your keyboard.
Now select the drive you want to free up space. Click on the OK option.
Then select and delete all unwanted files and choose the OK button.
Next, choose to clean the system files in Disk Cleanup.
You now choose the file type and press the OK button.
This process will remove all unnecessary files from your computer and create more space on your computer.

6step: Install Windows Updates.
First of all, click on the Start option.
And then, type update in the search bar with that hit enter.
The system will then check for updates if any.
If any updates are found, install them all.
And once the process is over, reboot the system to save the changes.

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